Ward "Rockstomper", first king of Westword

Westword is a country located in Middlands. It is known as fast growing and peace keeping region. It was funded by the first Elementalist of earth, King Ward

The royal family and its historyEdit

The ruling dynasty of Westword was established by the first Elementalist of earth, who after the 10' years long war founded the Sedam Council. He was named the first king of Westword when he united all of Middle continent. Westword was originally named Westward, but during some time "a" was replaced with "o".

Ward's nephew prince James inheritated the throne, because he didn't have childern of his own. When James successfully ascended the throne, he splited the country into two halfs: Westword and Eastwor, the latter being more militarized. Current king and queen are king Mathias and queen Lorena.

Other notable citizens of Westword:

Blake Riordan

Felicity Caldrick

Jennifer Riordan