Jayden Carlyle is one of the major supporting characters in Elementalist Prophecy. He is a pop idol, who starts attending the same univesity as Felicity and Candice.


Jayden has red spiky hair and light green eyes. He is quite handsome and very hot according to the half of the university. His outfits are always made with style.


He's seen as a narcosistic, full of hmself and as too cool, but in reality he is fun, a good friend, and very caring and smart. Even though half of the University's smart kids want to solve his tests he always refuses and solves them himself, sometimes even better than them, He is an exceptional dancer and can play piano, electric guitar, guitar and drums. Jayden holds a lot of things to himself since he is always under the spotlight. He can make friends fast even those that have no idea who he is or with people that at first hand hate him. Jayden is as well very good with computers and often helps Felicity and Candice.

Name Jayden Carlyle
Age 18
Hair colour red
Eye colour green
Height 179 cm
Family Theresa Carlyle (aunt) 
Country-nationality American-British