Elementalists are a group of people chosen by the Chosers to make sure the world is safe and to be its leaders and protectors when all else fails. They are given powers over the elements: earth, fire, air and water. 

Four hundred years ago, a massive explosion happened on the island of Realia which was under Areasden's jurisdiction. Countries blamed one another for it but no one took responsibility. After ten days later,an unknown organization took responsibility for strange happenings all around the world and vowed to create one united nation under their rule. After a year long war against the mysterious organization that holds unusual and terrifiying powers, people of world, farmers, merchants, even soldiers and lords turned each to their own gods and guardians for help. And so, the gods, guardians and spirits meeted together and decided to help save the world by creating the Silver Council that will chose four people and give them powers over the elements. Powers unique to them as they were chosen by nature itself. The first four who were chosen were a soldier, a healer, a poet and an adventurist.